Harmony and cosiness in your green area



Development, design and implementation

We offer a design that matches your needs and professional advice. The design is made by a landscaping architect, who will present to your attention our conceptual solutions on the appearance of the green areas.


Planting green areas:

Planting green areas comprises the following stages:
1) Upon completion of the finishing works on the site, the terrain is cleaned up from construction waste, rocks and weeds and these are transported.
2) The next step is soil conditioning and fertilising.
3) Next is terrain levelling.
4) Vertical planning.
5) Bushes, trees and flowers are planted, rock gardens and rock areas are constructed.
6) Then, the terrain is prepared for planting the grass.
7) Planting with grass mixture or turf.


Development of automated irrigation system

We offer development and service for irrigation systems for private houses, parks and gardens. We work with the products of Hunter and Rainburd.


Rock gardens and rock flower compositions

The common thing between the rock garden and the rock flower compositions is that rocks with specific relief are used, however, the major difference between them is that alpine plants are used for the rock garden.
Each rock area is unique. It needs continuous maintenance for the development of the plants in it and for maintaining its beautiful appearance.


Planting with grass mixture and turfs

Regardless of the green area size (garden, private properties, hotels, municipal terrains, restaurants, cafés), etc., we offer quality that is affordable. The choice of an appropriate grass mixture is of major importance and should be based on numerous factors. There is a large variety of grass mixtures and turfs; these are selected based on the method of future maintenance of the green area and its specific designation.
After the grass is planted it needs continuous care in order to achieve the desired result and to maintain the beautiful appearance of your garden for a long period.


Planting ornamental plants and flowers

Planting flower plants, ornamental bushes, hedges, trees and fruit trees.
We work with high-quality decoration plants. The plants are kept in containers which allows for their planting throughout the year.


Gardening services

We offer all types of gardening services: development, maintenance, mowing, cutting and shaping, cleaning. You can contact us both for one-time service and for annual (seasonal) subscription.


Maintenance of green areas.

The maintenance of green areas is of major importance for achieving maximum and long-term results. The quality of our services is guaranteed. The services associated with the green areas start in March and continue until October and comprise of:
Aeration - 2 times a year;
Lining (cutting);
Rolling the green areas;
Weeding the green areas, flowers and bushes;
Cutting and shaping trees, bushes and hedges;
Shaping and cleaning the rock gardens;
Plant protection;
Picking up leaves;
Wintering plant species.


Mowing the green areas.

High-quality performance and implementation within certain deadlines is important for mowing green areas, depending on the grass height you want to maintain: the type of the grass mixture and the intensity of irrigation.
Maintaining the green areas includes:
- Mowing with a mower and trimmer;
- Rolling;
- Aeration;
- Fertilising;
- Lining (cutting);
- Weeding;
- Verticulation;
- Plant protection.
We offer subscription maintenance or one-time mowing for any green areas at reasonable prices.
Trimming, cutting and shaping the ornamental plants.
Cutting and shaping hedges, bushes, trees and fruit trees.
Regular cutting is recommended for the appropriate development of the bushes, trees, fruit trees and the beautiful appearance of the hedge. The periods of cutting are also important for the blooming, the decoration effect and the normal development of the plant species.


Subscription maintenance.

Maintaining the green areas is of major importance for achieving long-term maximum results. The subscription maintenance includes:

For green areas;
Mowing: 3-5 times per month;
Lining (cutting);
Fertilising - 3-5 times in the period between March and October (inclusive);
Aeration - 2 times a year;
Weeding - periodically.

For ornamental bushes, hedges and trees:

Entrenching (2 times a year);
Plant protection from pests;
Wintering of bushes and trees;
Picking up leaves.


Snow cleaning

- garden;
- parking;
- office;
- alley;